Cymatic Harmony is a company in which endeavours to help connect people to their peaceful, mindful and creative inner self. This is developed through the advantageous effects which occur whilst playing and bonding with the Handpan (aka Harmonic Drum).

The owner of Cymatic Harmony, Dan Byrne, has experienced this firsthand and discovered the healing, therapeutic and meditative benefits that transpire from the cymatics produced from a Handpan.

Cymatics, derived from the Ancient Greek, meaning ‘wave.’ Is a term which describes how a vibrational frequency/wave influences certain subjects or matters due to the energy created. Our human bodies are predominantly made up of vibrating energy (atoms), which is one of the many reasons Handpans/Harmonic Drums can have such a positive result on our mental/physical state. Enough of the theory, please watch this amazing short video that puts Cymatics into perspective…

Dan initially purchased a Handpan for his own mindfulness, stress/anxiety relief and meditation due to certain traumatic life events and illnesses which are so often seen amongst the community today.